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Christian Education
Grace Lutheran Church
Christian Education Programs
Parents have the enormous task of providing for their children's needs and teaching them about their life in Christ.  Because this is an awesome responsibility, Grace Lutheran Church can equip our parents with the necessary tools to help them with this task.  Our Christian Education programs at Grace begin already at birth.  Newborn children are placed on our Cradle Roll and the parents are periodically sent Bible-based information and parenting tips.  Through the Cradle Roll we maintain contact with parents until their child turns five.

When a child reaches his first birthday, he can be enrolled with other one and two-year-olds in a special program entitled, Together With Jesus.  This program enhances our contact with parents and their children by involving both in a weekly "parenting" class.  Together With Jesus is an innovative curriculum developed especially for parents and their young children.  Through classroom interaction and at-home activities, parents will introduce their children to some basic concepts of the Christian faith.  One and two-year olds make discoveries every day and we help them to explore the world in which they live.  It is never too early to make a lasting impression on your children.  Together With Jesus, we can help you do just that.

As children are nourished in their faith development, they learn about God's role in their lives, preparing them for transition to Sunday School.  Our Sunday School program begins when the child turns three.  Using the Sunday School materials published by Concordia entitled Growing in Christ, we provide a Christ-centerd, Bible-based curriculum to our children through the eighth grade.  The complete curriculum is taught in three cycles over a three-year period.  Each cycle of the curriculum is then divided into "quarters."  The Fall Quarter deals with the stories of the Old Testament.  The Winter Quarter covers the birth and childhood of Jesus.  The Spring Quarter covers the ministry, the Passion History, the resurrection and ascention of Jesus.  By the time we complete the three-year program, we have covered the major truths of the Bible beginning with the Creation of the world down through the beginnings of the Christian Church founded after Jesus' ascension.

In addition to the formal Sunday School classes, our church offers a Confirmation course to the children in seventh and eighth grades.  After completing this curriculum, the child is ready to profess his faith in his Lord and Savior and enter into the family of believers as a Communicant member of Grace Lutheran Church and of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Even after Confirmation, education opportunities continue.  Bible classes are offered to teens, families and adults both on Sunday morning and again on Wednesday evening.  Our teens are encouraged to participate in the Chancel Choir, help with the ushering or assist as a teacher's aide in Sunday School.  We also use our teens as Junior Leaders of the Lutheran Pioneer or Lutheran Girl Pioneer programs.  Many of them participate in worship using their musical talents on the piano, trumpet, flute, and so on.

Christian education is the biggest and most precious job undertaken by this congregation.  We have an awesome responsibility for sustaining and nourshing each soul entrusted to our care.  We do not take it lightly and we ask that God would always be with us!  Amen.
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